Henri Cartier-Bresson speaks of the decisive moment, which I define for myself as that moment within my selected framing that the elements of composition, lighting, movement, and an honest, genuine human experience merge, creating a experience that grabs my heart, and connects me to our shared humanness.
I photograph the moments where life is lived to the fullest, where I watch and wait for that arm to reach out, for that leg to kick back, for the sun to light that human articulation of joy.
"Bubble Glee" was first exhibited at the Minnesota Fine Arts Exhibit in 2020, when the Fair was canceled due to Covid 19. Fortunately, the Minnesota State Fair Foundation in partnership with the Fine Arts staff still held the competition, on an empty fairgrounds, with limited viewing times.
Since it was not seen by many then, and because it is one of my favorite images of “In The Moment," I felt it would make a good contribution to our group show.
I am honored that “Bubble Glee” received the John Marley Clarey Memorial Award “To Celebrate the Emotional Impact of Art" at the 2020 Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit; an award named in honor of a man who lived and loved large.

Let us do the same! In this and every moment possible.

Bubble Glee

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